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Whisper.cpp default weights transcribes german audio

Today I learned that using whisper.cpp and your CPU, you can transcribe german audio via -l de, using the standard model weights, available via huggingface. For location in the manual documentation see. Suppose your repo is at /path/to/repo/whsiper.cpp, then full command to execute in the root folder of whisper.cpp repo is: ./main -m /path/to/repo/whisper.cpp/models/ggml-medium.bin -l de -t 12 -pc -oj -f samples/your-audio.wav

Extract Arcgis Geodatabase format with Python

If you want to know how to extract the individual layers programmatically from a GeoDatabase-ArcGIS archive, then this is for you. Geo data is often times provided in Geodatabase format. This format provides a container for several layers of data, which then can be rendered using software like ArcGIS or QGIS, which have already plugins to process this file format. But if you work on a lower level, you maybe need to process these files in their format programmatically.

Complete guide to Wordpress Plugin Development with VS-Code

Because I did not find a complete article that includes plugins and configuration, I assembled my own, after I spent some time to get a fully functional environment. Mandatory plugins List of plugins to be able to syntax-highlight and auto-complete php and wordpress framework code. Autocompletion of PHP code vscode-intelephense (IMHO better alternative to the vscode default) Autocompletion of wordpress hooks wp-hooks/vscode-wordpress-hooks Autocompletion of wordpress core functions wordpresstoolbox Lastly configure the Wordpress Stub in PHP Intelephense as described in this Github Issue.